Conference on Adolescent Health: 2019 Conference Slides

Thank you

Thank you for joining us at the 2019 Conference on Adolescent Health. We hope that you enjoyed the breakout sessions, keynotes, poster presentations, and networking reception and left with information that you will translate into your practice. Thank you for working to make adolescent centered care more equitable, accessible, and inclusive.

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Thursday, April 11th Conference Slides

IUD Insertion: Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting: Erin Hendriks

Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT): Preventing and Treating Youth Substance Abuse: Katy Stinchfield

The Art of Change: A Brief Primer in Motivational Interviewing: Dan DeSena

The Road to Healthy Sexuality: A Journey from Adolescence to Adulthood….and Beyond: Phillis Mims Gillum

Mental Health Oral Presentation: Creating the TIC Grade: A Client Self-Report Measure of Perceptions of Trauma-Informed Care: Dana Beck

Mental Health Oral Presentation: Development of the TRAILS Coaching Network: Community Partnerships to Disseminate Evidence-Based Mental Health Practices: Kristen Miner

Mental Health Oral Presentation: Mental Health and Social Support Among Transgender Youth: Ellen Selkie

Mental Health Oral Presentation: Introduction to Youth Mental Health First Aid: Katy Stinchfield

Primary Care Oral Presentation: Improving Adolescent Chlamydia Screening in Primary Care: California’s Rapid-Quality Improvement Initiative: Laura Kovaleski

Primary Care Oral Presentation: IN·cluded Clinics: Immediate Impacts of an LGBTQ Inclusive Health Center Training: Ash Philliber

Primary Care Oral Presentation: What Matters to You(th)?: Engaging Youth in Health Care Assessment: Azzia Roberts

Primary Care Oral Presentation: Taking Action to Improve Adolescent Sexual Health in Primary Care: Juliana Tilleman

SBHC and Community Oral Presentations: How to Influence Policy Change in an Ever-Changing World: Latissa Hall

SBHC and Community Oral Presentations: Getting to “Yes”: Pathways to Providing School-Based Health Center Reproductive Health Services: Kay McLean-Grant

SBHC and Community Oral Presentations: Health Mentor Model: An Innovative School Based Approach to Adolescent Sexual Health: Lisa Turnham

SBHC and Community Oral Presentations: Engaging Community Partners on Youth Friendliness with Spark Mini-Trainings: Lessons from South Carolina: Amanda Leeson

Sexual Health Oral Presentations: Clinical Care Model for Reaching At-Risk Transgender Women for Hormones and PrEP/ARVs: Tony Eljallad

Sexual Health Oral Presentations: Intergenerational Effects of Incarceration: Is Parental Incarceration Associated with Risky Sexual Behavior in Young Adults? Gianna Le

Sexual Health Oral Presentations: Youth-Powered Health: Lessons Learned from a Federal Youth Listening Session Pilot: Elizabeth Laferriere

Sexual Health Oral Presentations: Every Teen Counts: Capacity-Building to Integrate Sex Ed in Child Welfare System: Kia Thacker

We See You: Trauma Informed Care for LGBTQIA and Youth of Color: Lisa Martin

Condom Control: Reproductive Coercion as Adolescent Dating Abuse: Meggie Royer

Electronic Cigarette Health Impact and Policy: Jim Harrington

Strengths Based Approaches to Adolescent Sexual Health: Kaleigh Cornelison

Beyond the Check-boxes: Youth Engagement, Partnerships, and Clinical Tools for AYA Well Visits: Katy Schalla Lesiak

2017 Conference on Adolescent Health

Thank you to our colleagues from across the country who participated in the 2017 Conference on Adolescent Health! This annual event drew a national audience of multidisciplinary health professionals for two days of skills-building workshops, breakouts sessions, poster presentations, and networking events.

Please save the date for the 5th Annual Conference on Adolescent Health on April 23-24, 2018!

Can’t wait to see you there!