Events at AHI

The Adolescent Health Initiative’s (AHI) Marketing & Events Team works to plan and host AHI’s educational events, primarily the Annual Conference on Adolescent Health and Connection Sessions. Since 2014, 4,583 health care professionals have come together to share research and best practices at AHI events in the spirit of creating more adolescent-centered environments to better meet the needs of young people. All of AHI’s events are co-facilitated by young people to ensure that youth voice is at the core of the work.


About AHI’s events

Connection Sessions are day-long conferences that focus on one specific topic in adolescent health for an interdisciplinary audience of health care professionals. These professional development opportunities aim to connect health professionals to community resources and others in the field.

The Annual Conference on Adolescent Health brings together an interdisciplinary community of health care professionals to share research and best practices aimed at improving adolescent-centered care. More than half of the sessions at the event are co-facilitated by youth, and the planning of the conference is guided by the AHI Teen Advisory Council (TAC TAC).

Our Values

The purpose of AHI’s events is to bring together health care professionals to:

  • Amplify the voices and experiences of adolescents, especially those most impacted by systems of power and oppression, directly to the people doing the work
  • Share research and evidence-based practices around adolescent health
  • Expand the adolescent health community of practice
  • Create more adolescent-centered environments to better meet the health care needs of young people

All of AHI’s events are guided by the values of diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion, and a deep commitment to racial justice as they work to better equip health care professionals to support adolescents across, and within, all of their intersecting identities.

The AHI Team works to ensure speakers, exhibitors, and vendors promote evidence-based practice and prioritize care for youth across a wide spectrum of identities. This includes, but is not limited to, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender and nonbinary youth, youth across intersecting racial and ethnic identities and experiences, migrant youth, young people across socioeconomic statuses, system-involved youth, young people from all religious backgrounds, expectant or parenting teens, adolescents that have disabilities or identify as disabled, and any other identity marker that impacts a young person’s experience as it relates to health.


Contact Us

If you have questions about AHI events or are interested in collaborating, please contact the AHI Event Team. The AHI Team is always open to feedback, innovative ideas, and invitations for change.