Youth in Health: Inclusive Stock Photography Collection

Youth in Health: Inclusive Stock Photography Collection

AHI, with support and funding from the Community Health Access Initiative of Washtenaw County (CHAI), created a set of inclusive youth-centered stock photos where authentic youth voices – inclusive of a wide range of identities – are featured. Adolescents, who were the visionaries and co-leaders in the planning process, are featured in the photos with complete input and consent, and were encouraged to give feedback throughout the creative journey. This project was designed to amplify youth voice and perspective and put the power in their hands to capture their unique identities and experiences in the health care system.

Who should use these images?
Providers, health care professionals, health educators, public health experts, and educators.

Where can these images be used?
Examples include, but are not limited to, clinical and medical settings, public health campaigns, health communications, and social media.

Read the guidelines and access the images here.

Right: She/Her, Bisexual, Woman

AHI would like to sincerely thank the young folks who led this inclusive photography project: Evie, Catrina, Tiasia, Dakari, Amelia, Riss, Sky, Jeren, Samantha, Taylor, Juwan, Tavon, Kevon, and Kenyae. Thank you to Dr. Bernie Stoody, Jess Driver Williams, and Whitney Rose, MSW, for being the photo series’ featured providers. Thank you to the Washtenaw County Health Department for providing the space and site coordination for the photoshoot, and gratitude to Heather Nash at Heather Nash Photography. And finally, our utmost gratitude to CHAI for providing funding and support to make this project happen.