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Why it matters

Providing Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care

Heath centers have rapidly adapted to virtual care due to COVID-19, and now, virtual care is here to stay. Adolescents and young adults need a unique approach to telehealth as they become more independent while grappling with issues such as privacy and trust in their health care provider.

Explore the resources below to improve adolescent-centered virtual care in your health center. 


Timely Topics Training

Timely Topics Modules are self-paced web modules that blend vignettes from youth and subject matter experts with salient research and practice-based activities addressing emerging needs in adolescent care.


Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care

Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care is an hour-long module that follows a virtual visit from start to finish, focusing on key elements of adolescent-centered care with accompanying video vignettes from our subject matter experts and youth collaborators.

This module will enhance your knowledge of adolescent-centered virtual care including:

  • Learning tips to enhance adolescent engagement with the patient portal
  • Reviewing strategies to protect adolescent privacy
  • Identifying solutions to common barriers experienced by adolescents following an appointment

Launch Presentation

Webinars & Trainings

AHI partners with organizations to develop and facilitate engaging webinars on adolescent-centered care. Through the delivery of rich content and use of interactive features, we provide a meaningful, web-based educational experience.

Webinar Recording: Providing Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care

This webinar took place on Friday, May 15, 2020. Access the recording today.

Even under typical circumstances, young people face substantial obstacles to receiving adolescent-centered services. The new limitations on accessing health care during the COVID-19 pandemic leave young people even more vulnerable. The goal of this webinar is to assist youth-serving providers in navigating this new landscape with a strengths-based approach. The webinar will cover how to consider best practices in adolescent health within this new context, including challenging issues such as confidentiality.

Click here for a list of Virtual Care Resources.

Presenters joining AHI:

  • Terrill Bravender, MD, MPH, Michigan Medicine Department of Pediatrics, Co-Medical Director of AHI
  • Thomas L. Atkins, MD, Psychiatrist, Founder of Grove Emotional Health Collaborative
  • Molly McHenry, FNP, Nurse Practitioner, Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Starter Guides

Starter Guides are mini-toolkits that offer concrete, actionable steps to improve adolescent care. The Providing Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care Starter Guide goes over the key elements of adolescent-centered care that still can be followed when seeing adolescent patients remotely. 

Providing Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care
Providing Adolescent-Centered Virtual Care

Youth-Friendly Materials

Whether you see patients in-person or virtually, adolescents will notice visual cues in the health care environment. Make sure it’s welcoming to adolescents with information designed just for them, such as this Virtual Care poster.

Poster to encourage young people to discuss virtual care options with their provider. Click the image to access the full version. Contact us to request a free printed copy.

Poster to encourage young people to discuss virtual care options with their provider in Spanish. Click the image to access the full version. Contact us to request a free printed copy.

We Can Help!

Interested in considering other ways your practice can be adolescent-centered? Consider taking AHI on a virtual walkthrough of your health center to identify areas of opportunity for adolescent-friendly improvements with the Virtual Clinic Tour.