Power Meeting: LARC Access

Power Meeting: LARC Access

You now have access to the Power Meeting: LARC Access!

The unique structure of the Power Meeting helps interdisciplinary teams form concrete, realistic plans for sustainable practice change. This online module will guide your team through learning about sample workflows and strategies, selecting manageable action steps, and developing a concise work plan that ensures accountability and success. Videos from providers are integrated throughout to provide real-world context.

Preparation Instructions

  • How long should we block for the meeting?
    You’ll want to block a two-hour meeting to make sure you have ample time for discussion, planning, and module review at the end. The length of the meeting time will also depend on how many practice changes you want to research and implement.
  • Who should attend?
    To plan for all aspects of LARC provision, you’ll need people who can make decisions about purchasing, scheduling, patient care, and other workflow changes, as well as staff and provider training. This team likely includes a practice manager, a medical assistant, a medical provider, and an administrator. We recommend a minimum of three people and a maximum of seven.

    Whoever is coordinating the project for your site should skim through the module ahead of time to get a feel for how it operates. This should also help you determine which team members you want to include in the actual Power Meeting. The module will start from the beginning each time you reopen it.
  • Should we plan for a virtual or in-person meeting?
    Either will work. If it’s in-person, it’s best to use a projector and speakers, so the module is visible and audible to all. If it’s virtual, one person will need to share their screen
    with video sound enabled.
  • What is expected of us?
    In exchange for access to this module without cost, we ask that your team provide feedback on your experience. Please complete the survey at the end as a team, immediately following the completion of the module. Thank you for helping us pilot this resource! It will be valuable as we continue to make improvements.

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