Power Meetings


Power Meetings

The unique structure of the Power Meeting helps interdisciplinary teams form concrete, realistic plans for sustainable practice change. Throughout the guided meeting, your team will watch video vignettes from peer providers, learn about sample workflows and strategies, and select manageable action steps, culminating in a concise work plan that ensures accountability and success.

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Power Meetings

Integrated Behavioral Health

Many adolescent-serving health centers find it challenging to implement effective collaboration between primary care and behavioral health providers. Integrating behavioral health services into primary care settings usually entails implementing new workflows for screening, communications, and billing, as well as arranging for provider and staff training.

Power Meeting: LARC Access

Many adolescent-serving health centers we partner with find it challenging to offer same-visit Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC). Providing access to LARC usually entails implementing new workflows for scheduling, purchasing, billing and coding, as well as arranging for provider and staff training. To help sites tackle common challenges with LARC provision, we created the Power Meeting: LARC Access, an interactive, web-based tool that guides teams through one meeting where they work through decision trees and activities, and create a customized, actionable plan in the course of two hours.

To plan for all aspects of LARC provision, you’ll need people who can make decisions about purchasing, scheduling, patient care, and other workflow changes, as well as staff and provider training. This team likely includes a practice manager, a medical assistant, a medical provider, and an administrator.


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